NW_PY019 Atlanta, GA Thu. May 26, 2022 USDA Market News BROILER/FRYER: Daily Estimated Slaughter of Broiler/Fryers Estimate Actual Avg. Wt. Actual Avg. Wt. (1,000) (1,000) ... (full story)

MD_DA137 Whole Milk Powder - South America Report 21 - Released on May 26, 2022 Prices rose on the top of the range for whole milk powder (WMP) in the South American region, after regional (and global) slips from the previous report week. Reports from ... (full story)

MD_DA128 Cheese - Oceania Report 19 - Released on May 12, 2022 Oceania cheddar prices took another downturn, at each end of the price range. The majority of buying interest for January - March 2022 has been from China, although reports indicate there was... (full story)

MD_DA124 Butter/Butteroil - Oceania Report 19 - Released on May 12, 2022 The Oceania butter market skidded lower, reflective of weak prices on sales at the latest GDT event. Contract prices are down more than 10 percent over the past auction, while market ... (full story)

MD_DA126 Skim Milk Powder - Oceania Report 21 - Released on May 26, 2022 Skim milk powder in Oceania declined on both ends of the range. At GDT event 308 the all contracts price decreased a fraction, 0.6 percent, as Oceania produced SMP sold for a ... (full story)

A Food Bank is highlighting the need for milk in food insecure homes. Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, a member of Feeding America, has launched a campaign centered around the idea of “Winners Give Milk,” that encourages people to donate money to buy... (full story)

MD_DA107 Whole Milk Powder - Europe Report 21 - Released on May 26, 2022 European whole milk powder prices are unchanged at the bottom of the price range but moved higher at the top. That said, much of the price movement within the price series is a result ... (full story)

MD_DA106 Skim Milk Powder - Europe Report 21 - Released on May 26, 2022 European skim milk powder prices moved lower at the bottom of the price range and held steady at the top. Industry contacts report demand is a bit mixed. While some buyers are still... (full story)

MD_DA105 Dry Whey - Western Europe Report 21 - Released on May 26, 2022 Prices for dry whey in Western Europe moved slightly lower at both ends of the price range. Industry sources suggest demand is a little weaker as market participants take a wait and ... (full story)

MD_DA104 Butter/Butteroil - Europe Report 21 - Released on May 26, 2022 The price range for European butter expanded, moving lower at the bottom of the range and upwards at the top. Industry sources suggest retail butter sales may be lower than expected ... (full story)

Bird flu outbreaks are driving up egg and poultry meat prices far faster than usual, with eggs expected to cost 20% more and poultry 9% more this year than their 2021 averages, said the Agriculture Department on Wednesday. USDA economists raised... (full story)

RA_FV001 Raleigh, NC-Summary of Farmers' Market Prices in North Carolina Provided by: Fruit & Vegetable Market News Office Federal-State Market News Office - Raleigh, NC Phone: 919-707-3156 Internet Address: http://www.ncagprices.org STATE FARMERS MARKET - RALEIGH,... (full story)

COLUMBIA, SC Thursday, May 26, 2022 South Carolina State Farmers Market - Prices to Growers Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal State Market News Office Columbia, SC CA_FV001 Columbia Farmers Market - Wholesale prices paid to Growers until 9:00 a.m. for South... (full story)

Accusing Canada of backsliding on its commitments, the United States requested consultations on Wednesday with its northern neighbor over dairy import quotas that limit American access to the Canadian market. U.S. trade representative Katherine... (full story)

Poultry farmers would have more protection against abuse by processors under a USDA proposal to revamp the “tournament” system that pits producers against each other in a competition for income, said the Biden administration on Thursday. The... (full story)

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation announced $2.6 million in grants on Wednesday to help farmers plant cover crops across 500,000 acres in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, and Minnesota. READ MORE: From seed to soil, cover... (full story)

COLUMBIA Shipping Point Prices as of 26-MAY-2022 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal - State Market News Service,... (full story)

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The US is experiencing gas pains in one form or another. Not only did the retail gas price hit an astounding $4.60 a gallon the natural gas market went parabolic trading over $9.00 MMBtu for the first time since 2008. The moves reflect poor energy policy at the impact of bad energy decisions and the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) push that has succeeded in shutting down refineries and natural gas production and pipelines by sucking out an investment that is causing real pain for consumers not to mention the global economy. (full story)

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As farm bill discussions continue, the head of a state Farm Bureau organization says crop insurance and conservation should not be combined.   Nebraska Farm Bureau President Mark McHargue says adequate crop insurance premiums need to remain, but... (full story)

Each year, American Dairy Association Indiana (ADAI) honors the Fastest Indianapolis 500 Rookie and introduces new drivers to the tradition of drinking milk in Victory Circle. Romain Grosjean tells Brownfield “performing the Indy 500, I would... (full story)

USDA is making $200 million available to create a new meat processing capacity expansion program, providing $25 million for workforce training under the Meat and Poultry Intermediary Lending Program (MPILP). The $200 million will “provide... (full story)

AJ_PY049 Atlanta, GA Thu. May 26, 2022 USDA Market News Weekly Graystone Small Animal Auction Sale ... (full story)

AL_LS635 Las Cruces, NM Thu, May 26, 2022 USDA Market News US to Mexico Weekly Livestock Export Summary ... (full story)

AL_LS600 Las Cruces, NM Thu May 26, 2022 USDA Market News Texas to Mexico Daily Livestock Exports ... (full story)

AL_LS605 Las Cruces, NM Thu May 26, 2022 USDA Market News Arizona to Mexico Livestock Exports ... (full story)

AJ_PY029 Atlanta, GA Thu. May 26, 2022 USDA Market News Daily Weighted Average Trailer Load Egg Sales ... (full story)

RA_PY002 Raleigh, NC Thursday, May 26, 2022 USDA-NC Dept of Ag Market News N.C. BROILER-FRYERS: The market tone is steady and the live supply is adequate to meet the moderate demand. Average weights are mostly desirable. The estimated slaughter for Thursday in North Carolina is... (full story)

Headlines dropped grain prices overnight, will that weakness last through today's session? (full story)

AL_LS603 Las Cruces, NM Feeder Cattle May 26, 2022 Daily Import Total Sales May 25, 2022 Santa Teresa, NM. EST: 2000 Compared to last week, steer calves and yearlings sold 1.00... (full story)



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The front month June hog contract closed Wednesday with a premium to July after it gained 2 cents vs. July’s $1.10 drop. The August contract was also down by triple digits on the day, while the deferred months went home just 2 to 5 cents lower. USDA’s National Average Base... (full story)

So far for Thursday’s cotton trade, the board is 207 to 231 points lower and near the overnight lows. July cotton futures closed 362 points higher on Wednesday. That was still 2 cents off the days’ high, but extended the premium to new crop December to 20.55 cents/lb. Mills continue... (full story)

Going into the weekly Export Sales report, corn futures are trading back by 9 3/4 to 12 cents so far. The only Ukrainian grain export corridor update overnight was that Turkey has entered the negotiations, and means to police fairness and safety for both sides. It seems Russia may allow... (full story)

So far for Thursday, soybeans are trading in the red, along with meal, as BO is firming up. Going home on Wednesday front month soybean futures were 10 to 12 cents in the red for old crop and a penny to 4 3/4 cents lower in the new crop contracts.... (full story)

Following the rally into the close, wheat markets sold off overnight. Currently prices are off the lows, but still 20 cents lower in SRW and 2-5 cents red in MPLS. Spring wheat prices closed black on Wednesday, with the board 3 1/4 to 4 3/4 cents higher at the bell... (full story)

After the grain markets began bouncing back into the close, front month live cattle futures closed off their highs with 22 to 42 cent losses. The Wednesday FCE auction hosted by Central Stockyards resulted in no sales from $136 bids to $137-$139 asks. Tuesday’s auction sold 131 head of the... (full story)

U.S. EXPORT SALES RYE - May 26, 2022 (full story)

U.S. EXPORT SALES WEEKLY HIDES SUMMARY - May 26, 2022 (full story)

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