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Underwood Grain Limited 2020 Premium Programs

Edible Beans Conventional Soybeans Roundup Ready Soybeans Non Gmo Soybeans
Navy/White NK S03W4 DK2610 OAC Durham
Black NK S07M8 B088Y1 OAC Wallace
IP Zorro Black  NK S12J7     OAC Drayton
Adzuki NK S10R2 Canada #1  
  Strive Other GMO RR Varieties   
  P11A10 Pending Approval  

Please call for Premium Pricing and Program Details

Premiums Are Subject to Change Without Notice

Cash Bids
Name Delivery Start Basis Month Basis Cash Price Cash Price (tonne) Futures Change
Soft Red Wheat

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Quotes retrieved on August 06, 2020, 08:52:49 PM CDT
All grain prices are subject to change at any time.
Cash bids are based on 10-minute delayed futures prices, unless otherwise noted.
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Quotes retrieved on August 06, 2020, 08:52:49 PM CDT

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