About Us


When the Underwood family arrived in Canada from England in 1894 they purchased a farm near Belmore, Ontario.  Then in 1903 our great grandfather, George Nelson purchased the first Underwood farm immediately across the road from the current grain facility.

Two generations later, in 1977 George constructed two small bins and a single elevator to handle the crop grown by the Underwood family. George and his two sons, Nelson and John, satisfied the needs of a number of local farmers and processed their crops through the same facility.  Overtime, the facility has grown in size and complexity. 

In 2012, Underwood Grain initially marketed uncleaned non GMO soybeans to customers in South East Asia.  Since 2012, with additional experience, and installation of processing equipment, Underwood Grain now processes corn, wheat, edible beans, IP soy and GMO soybeans and markets the soybeans for other facilities in Southwestern Ontario. 

It is now owned and operated by Nelson and John Underwood, the fourth generation descendents. 

John Underwood is the Processing Manager

Nelson Underwood is the Farm Production Manager

Maitland Underwood is the Plant Manager

Maryanne McCormick is the Office Manager

Jessica McDougall is the Quality Management Supervisor